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ourPROFESSORs is an online learning platform for professional engineers. paid and free online courses are offered here by top professionals, experts, and professors for the benefit of young engineers who want to develop their career and lead an honest living. The skills which could not be learned in academic life will be available in this interactive online learning platform from anywhere, anytime. These free online courses will be the starting point of your highly paid professional career. Free online courses will lead you to paid online courses. online course with a certificate will increase your credibility among professionals. online certificate courses are designed for engineers to sharpen their current skills and to develop new skills.

Necessity of online short course

After COVID-19, schools, colleges, and universities are offering online classes to learners around the world. Besides, professionals, while sitting idle at home during locked down, started teaching their skills online to the young generations. Distance learning, online learning, online short courses, online seminar, webinar, online meetings are booming day by day. Hence, smartphones and laptops became the learning tool in addition to communication and entertainment. Physical classes will be obsolete in the future. Online classes will be more frequent and normal. You can learn from top experts, top professors, and top professionals without traveling. Anyone can learn. From anywhere you can learn. Anytime, you can learn. You can learn from your desired expert. Here are some advantages of the online courses, online learning, online training, online short courses, online seminars, webinars are explained briefly.

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Advantages of online learning

1. Cheaper

Conducting a physical training session needs a lot of arrangements. Organizers work hard. Learners must travel long distances and attend the physical classes during the scheduled time. Physical classes come with many expenses. Courses offered by lecturers, professors in physical universities and institutions expensive to cover the cost of maintaining these campuses and the personnel involved. Traveling and staying incur the personal cost of the learner. In summary, online short courses are much cheaper than physical training sessions. Short courses of ourPROFESSORs is much cheaper than you imagined. free short courses are also available at ourprofessors.

2. Convenient for Those Employed

Most of the profession need continuing education even when they are employed. They need to learn new skills to develop their career and get promotions and more paid in the profession. Employed persons don’t have the luxury of attending physical seminars and workshops during the day. They don’t have time to travel long distances to get their desired training from the desired top experts. So, online short courses are the best option for busy professionals and engineers. you don’t need to take leave from the job and you don’t need to sacrifice your holidays for attending seminars. You can learn online short courses from top experts from your home at your convenient time. ourPROFESSORs is giving excellent opportunity to busy professionals and engineers to learn a new skill in a convenient time. free short courses at ourprofessors will your starting point of career development journey in professional life.

3. Opportunity to Acquire New Skills

This is the age of technology. This is the age of competition. The most competitive professionals/engineers are those who consistently learn new skills and sharpen their skills. Online short courses allow you to achieve new skills or sharpen your current skill without leaving work or traveling to a distant place. Now you can learn anything, from anywhere and at your schedule. The new skill which you could not learn in university can be learned at ourPROFESSORs. Although the paid online courses are more attractive and beneficial, you can start with free online courses to judge our short courses at ourprofessors.

4. Study at Your Own Pace

You are a unique person. You should not compare yourself with others. Each person has unique learning capabilities on different subjects. Learning capacity depends on the topic and capability of the learner. That means that one professional may require a week to complete a topic while another takes several weeks. It would be stressful if a system forces you to learn faster than you can manage.

The online courses allow you to choose the pace at which you complete the course. If you have more time to study, you can learn faster. If your job and works are keeping you away from learning, you can take longer and still complete the course. You will be in peace while you are studying online. When you get free time, you may compensate for the slow pace while you were busy. ourPROFESSORs is giving you a chance to learn new skills at your own pace. Don’t start with paid online courses, rather start with free online courses to become familiar with the system of the online learning platform.

5. Habituated with Self-Discipline and Responsibility

There is none to pressurize you to learn in online short courses. You must be self-disciplined and have a sense of responsibility to learn. You have set targets and follow some timetables which would help you to complete the online short course. Completing lessons and submitting assignments becomes personal responsibility. Learning online gives you an opportunity to take charge of your life and progress. These lessons are vital for successful adult living, especially for engineers and professionals. Self-disciplined engineers are encouraged to join ourPROFESSORs for free. There are some free online courses that will benefit you. Test yourself by enrolling in a free online course at ourprofessors.

6. Variety of Learning Materials

Physical class, training, course utilize restricted learning and teaching methods. They involve lectures and discussions with students. Online learning provides multiple ways of teaching and aids. You can use videos, infographics, and live chats in addition to reading. Teaching online becomes easier with the help of videos and animations. An online course will let you understand concepts that would have taken a lot of time for lecturers to explain. Video lessons, software demonstrations, pdf course materials, and quizzes are learning tools at ourPROFESSORs. Free online courses will not provide course materials. Paid online course will provide everything you need.

7. Does Not Disrupt Your Life

You are a responsible person. You want to take care of your business, family, job, and other responsibilities? Online learning, online short courses are for you. It allows you to set up a convenient schedule that will not disrupt other duties. It is a wonderful option for parents and adults who need to enhance their earning potential without disrupting their current life. ourPROFESSORs encourage you to lead a balanced life where you take care of yourself, your family, relatives, job, society, country. Try one online course at ourprofessors and see whether you can manage yourself to learn without sacrificing responsibility to your family, job, and society.

Great online certificate courses

Coursera and Udemy became popular for their online courses. Coursera is giving online degrees which are acceptable to all over the world. however, Coursera has very few online courses for engineers. There is almost no online certificate course for civil engineers. Udemy is offering short courses that can be completed quickly. Udemy courses sometimes lack the completeness of course which is needed for engineers.

History of online courses at ourPROFESSORs

Since 2018, “Geotech and Structures”, a specialized civil engineering consultancy firm, arranged a lot of workshops and professional training for practicing civil engineers. They offered short courses on various topics of civil engineering which are needed for professional civil engineers for their professional development. The venue was at BUET and the “Geotech and Structures” office at Kakrail. Civil Engineers who attended those training courses and workshops expressed their gratitude and interest for more courses on various topics that are related to design and construction in the field of civil engineering. A lot of professional civil engineers who expressed their interest but failed to attend due to the busy life of engineers. Generally, engineers are working 10-12 hours per day in Bangladesh. It is tough for them to attend a training course for one or two full days.

Traffic congestion of Dhaka city is becoming worse to worst which is another barrier to attend training courses. A lot of civil engineers who do job or practice in divisional towns, district towns, or Upazilla towns. It is almost impossible for them to attend training courses in Dhaka. An instructor, specialist, or resource person deliver a lecture for 8-10 hours per day for this type of professional training courses. Usually, university professors, who are specialized in certain subjects, are requested to offer workshops and training courses. They are very busy. It is difficult for them to manage one or two full days for the course.

Considering all these problems, “Geotech and Structures” developed and launched this online professional training platform for civil engineers residing all over the world. Initially, civil engineering will be focused on. Later other subjects shall be covered. Initially, Professor Dr. Jahangir Alam offered online courses on various topics of civil engineering. Later other professors and experienced engineers are showing interest to offer online courses on civil engineering and other disciplines and subjects.

Online certificate courses for Career Development PEng Certification

Civil Engineers who want to apply for Professional Engineering (PEng) certification will get extra leverage if they study our online courses on this platform. ourPROFESSORs is developed with the vision that Engineers will get world-class lifelong learning platform from anywhere and anytime. Civil Engineers are encouraged to enroll in free online courses first.

How Effective and Interactive are the online certificate courses of ourPROFESSORs?

It is a million-dollar question that online education, online training, online short courses, online courses are really as effective and interactive as traditional physical classes. Especially subjects related to technology and engineering seem to be difficult to teach online. However, we developed such an online platform for professional training of Engineers which is fully interactive and more effective and fascinating than traditional physical training and short courses. Enroll our free online courses and attend live class on every Wednesday at 7 pm.

Why ourPROFESSORs is Different?

Main features of ourPROFESSORs’ online courses

  1. Fully interactive. The opportunity of face to face question-answer with course teacher and experts of the related subject. During watching video lessons and reading pdf course materials, you may have some doubts and unclear concepts which is very natural. You shall attend weekly VIRTUAL CLASSROOM of ourPROFESSORs to clear all the doubts, confusion, and unclear concepts of the subject. You have the opportunity to discuss with your fellow engineers from every corner of the world. Virtual Classroom is fully interactive, cordial, vivid, and lively. To join Virtual Classroom, please create your free account on our website
  2. No commercial Ads, No distraction. paid and free online courses are free from commercial Ads.
  3. Learning anywhere anytime. You can learn from the office, home, park, hotel, public transport, etc. you can learn on your schedule. The only exception, you have to attend the Virtual Classroom weekly one hour as per our schedule. That means 95% of the learning time is flexible.
  4. An authentic and reliable source of knowledge. You will find tons of free information and free knowledge if you search in google or other search engines. However, it is difficult to separate authentic knowledge from tons of pages. Our every online course is peer-reviewed by experts, practitioners, and university professors. So, it is 100% authentic and reliable.
  5. Fulfill the needs of professional engineers. We are all engineers, civil engineers. We know what the practicing engineers need during their professional carrier. Online courses are developed to fulfill the need for professional engineers.
  6. Worked out examples. These will make a difference. These worked out examples will enhance your learning experience without any doubt.
  7. Downloadable course materials. pdf, excel or word files of online course materials are available in all online courses.
  8. There are some quizzes that will evaluate your learning experience and will help you to evaluate yourself.
  9. Downloadable certificates. A certificate will be available in your account after completion of each online certificate course.
  10. No prerequisite qualification. No certificates, the degree is required to enroll in any online certificate course.

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